Buy or Rent a home

As part of the service Brownhill Homes offers our clients, we will assist you in selling or renting your development. Brownhill Homes will use our online and social media presence to highlight your advertisements from or your real estate agent.

To see the exciting properties our clients are currently selling or renting out please visit our ‘Buy’ and ‘Rent’ pages in the top right tab.

We are Professional Team

The team at Brownhill homes consists of highly skilled members from a wide range of background’s all with the common goal of delivering superior service and ensuring your build is smooth from start to finish.

We build with love

Brownhill Homes prides ourselves on personalised service for each and every build. We believe each finished house is a direct reflection on our company, so you can be sure we love your house like our own.

We deliver on time

Brownhill Homes operates on a construction activity based workflow system. This system ensures everything runs smoothly and on time. Clients are also sent weekly updates with the weeks progress and expected progress for the following week, ensuring a transparent and trusting relationship.


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