Defining Spaces With Savvy Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important elements to get right in any space. Being one of the largest surfaces in your home, flooring is extremely crucial in defining a space – your surface really will have a big impact on style, mood and atmosphere. Typically we see carpet, timber flooring and tiles throughout homes and today we are sharing with you a few tips on how to go about selecting these finishes

Don’t be afraid to mix flooring selections.

When choosing flooring for your home, there’s no need to feel restricted to just one material. Clever mixes of timber, tile and carpet can be an effective way to create distinct zones within an open plan space, ensuring you have a functional flooring surface in every room or giving your home a healthy dose of design personality. Not only will this help define a space it can also save you some money to perhaps spend on that beautiful undermount sink.

How do I know what to put where?

Hard products like tiles, timber, vinyl or laminates work perfectly for high traffic areas where it can be used time and time again without wearing down like your Entry/Hallway or Kitchen. While your living room or bedroom might be more suited to the plush of carpet. Wet areas are generally more suited to tiles being that they are able to be waterproofed and sealed.

Choosing your colours.

Keeping within the same colour palette, changes in your flooring will be more seamless as the eye won’t be interrupted by a block change in colour from one space to the next. This will help create a more open plan feeling whilst still being able to define each space.

Mixed flooring is perfect for open plan living.

If you have one large space that combines your kitchen, living and dining room, you might like to mix your flooring so you can give each zone definition. As pictured you can see the owner went with Timber to the Dining and Carpet for the living, this creating a defined space between the Dining and Living, thus also a more cost effective way instead of running the Solid Timber through the Living area.

Keep it simple!

Selecting too many materials will make your flooring look ‘busy’ and lose a consistency of appearance that defines good interior design. Instead, stick with only a few materials – three at most – and create a design that is stunning, practical and suits your lifestyle.


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