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Are you living in a location that you’re attached to, but in need of a new home that is better suited to you and your families needs? Then our specialist knockdown rebuild service is the ideal option for you.
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We’ll guide you through the process, From demolition to construction

Our knockdown rebuild service empowers you to achieve a fresh start in a location you love. We’ll demolish your existing home and start from scratch, allowing you to build the home of your dreams without having to leave your beloved community behind. We’ll guide you through the process, from demolition to design to construction, giving you confidence that the final result will be more than worth the journey.

A knockdown rebuild is often a more cost-effective option than renovating your existing home – particularly as older homes require special care and material considerations to achieve a seamless finished result. Unlike a renovation, it also allows you to start afresh with a blank canvas – meaning that the home vision you previously dismissed as a pipe dream may soon become a reality. As knockdown rebuild specialists, we also know how to recycle and reuse elements from your original home to reduce waste and keep costs down.

Knockdown & Rebuild Costs in Melbourne

Budget blowout can be an issue when renovating an existing property, as it’s difficult to foresee all the costs involved. Depending on the age, layout and quality of the existing build, you may face problems that can quickly add up – for example, a full rewiring of the house if the electricals are not up to scratch could run into thousands in unexpected bills.

If you have significant changes in mind, a knockdown rebuild project can be much more cost effective. The expected outgoings are clear upfront: demolition of the existing property, the design and build of your new home and any rental costs incurred during the building period.

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The beauty of life is that it’s constantly changing – and a home that worked for you a few years ago may no longer meet your family’s needs today.

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