How to Blend Function and Style in a Luxury Home

Function and style aren’t mutually exclusive concepts – in fact in the best luxury homes they co-exist, creating spaces that not only look and feel good, but serve the residents for years to come.

That’s not to say getting it right is easy! As a luxury custom home builder in Melbourne, we have a unique understanding of how to create timeless and inviting spaces that will stand the test of time. Here are our top tips on how to combine function and style during the planning stages of your new home.



Natural light is a must for any luxury home. By considering how to maximise your natural light sources through orientation, windows and doors, you’ll create light, bright and airy spaces that feel welcoming and sophisticated. Emphasising natural light also goes a long way in the function of a home, reducing the need for artificial sources and thereby reducing energy bills. Should you install windows and doors that open, they can also encourage airflow, flushing out stale air to ensure your home remains fresh all day long.



Open-plan living remains as popular as ever, and there’s a reason why – no one enjoys pokey rooms that are dark and stale. Open floor plans satisfy both form and function by creating a seamless transition from area to area, providing pathways for natural light and ventilation while also creating overall visual harmony. To ensure a level of flexibility, design elements like folding shutter doors allow you to create temporary divides, perfect for nights in on the couch or an intimate dinner with a loved one.



Natural materials, such as timber, limestone, bamboo, ceramics and marble not only look great but are often more durable than their synthetic counterparts, making for a great investment in your luxury home. For example, wooden flooring is resistant to everyday wear and tear and can help to regulate the home’s temperature as they hold warmth much more effectively than laminate or tiles. Bespoke material selections are the hallmark of a luxury home (and a luxury builder) as this will create a personalised style for your home.



The functional benefits of storage are clear, but with the right approach, shelves, cupboards and drawers can also add to a space, with clever storage solutions creating streamlined and uncluttered interiors. Consider built-in wardrobes, cupboards in ‘dead’ spaces like under the stairs and stretching shelving to the ceiling in bedrooms and living areas to create a sense of space and emphasise the height of the ceiling. You could also consider design features like a pegboard with moveable shelves, or window seats with hidden storage underneath.



As sustainable living continues to grow in importance, the most beautiful luxury homes will incorporate a raft of sustainable features. In your design phase, consider incorporating elements like solar panels, a rainwater tank, energy-efficient or recycled insulation, double-glazed windows and doors, recycled materials or even a vertical garden. Thanks to developments in technology and design, there are plenty of styles to choose from, so you can opt for the design that works for you.

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