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At Brownhill Homes we know how exciting building your new home is, but we understand how daunting and confusing it can sometimes be. We aim to simplify your build with our refined and step by step processes.


Preliminary package and Guarantee

Are you only just beginning your home building journey? Do you have preliminary drawings or want to bring your dream home into reality? Our preliminary package is just the tool you need.

Working with you from the beginning, we offer our expertise and experience to ensure your design stage flows flawlessly and your end result is perfectfor you and your budget. Our tried and trusted contacts within the industry mean we can provide quotes for all your documentation to ensure it is of the highest quality. You will receive a report after obtaining each document with our ideas and suggestions as a builder which will make the building process run more smoothly and ensure the build stays within your budget. We are so confident that if your final detailed quote does not fall within our original quote range we will refund the preliminary agreement fee!



Do you have all your documentation ready to go and would like an itemised and detailed quote?

After sending through your documentation, we will contact you and organise a convenient time for you to attend out showroom for a quoting questions meeting. This meeting gives us the opportunity to proudly introduce our company to you, show you around our showroom and ask you important questions to ensure our quote for you is detailed and personalized.

In no time at all we will contact you and invite you back to our showroom for our quote presentation. We think it is important to take the time to sit down with you and go through your standard build costs, as well as the costs associated with your requested upgrades that we included in your itemised quote. This also gives us the opportunity to work with you and make suggestions on where you might want to cut costs or improve the design.


The building process

Now you have received and approved your quote we will organise your contract and contract signing. A team that is both professional and easy going will support you through the entire building process from the quotation stage, through till the end of your construction, whilst giving assistance and advice on all connections.

We see building homes as more than just the finished product. Start your journey here…
Transparency. Honesty. Delivery. Support.
We are Professional Team

The team at Brownhill homes consists of highly skilled members from a wide range of background’s all with the common goal of delivering superior service and ensuring your build is smooth from start to finish.

We build with love

Brownhill Homes prides ourselves on personalised service for each and every build. We believe each finished house is a direct reflection on our company, so you can be sure we love your house like our own.

We deliver on time

Brownhill Homes operates on a construction activity based workflow system. This system ensures everything runs smoothly and on time. Clients are also sent weekly updates with the weeks progress and expected progress for the following week, ensuring a transparent and trusting relationship.


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