Importance of Communication in your New Build

When deciding who to trust with the construction of your new home, communication should be at the forefront of your priorities.

At Brownhill Homes, we understand the importance of communication. Each project is overseen by Chris Brownhill, with our friendly expert team in contact and happy to answer questions at every stage of the build.

We know how working with a highly communicative builder can transform your home build experience for the better. Our goal is always to make you feel involved, informed, and without worry. Close contact and accountability are key – and contribute to our stellar reputation.

We understand your commitment

Building a home is an exciting and momentous project. In order for your new home to be exactly what you wanted, everyone’s vision must be aligned – that’s where outstanding communication comes in.

When you work with us, the first thing we do is ensure that everyone is on the same page by getting to know you and your needs. This allows us to tailor our communication strategy and overall service to ensure a seamless experience for you. From first meeting to final hand over, we’re in this process together, and your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

Financial Clarity

Communication around budget is an important aspect of any build. Early involvement means our team is on hand to clarify potential costs of features and options, helping you avoid a budget blowout by working through selections with total transparency.

Considering changes? We can make changes at a pre-quoted cost that will be the final invoice for the variation. We pride ourselves on offering flexible house plans that can accommodate late changes, and are always upfront about how they will fit into your budget. Working with a reliable and strong communicator means no nasty surprises down the track!

Customer Service

At Brownhill Homes, our customer service extends beyond locking in a contract, and even delivering the final product.

Is this your first build? Being comfortable with your construction team is a must. Any queries you have will be answered immediately – and our approachable team will streamline explanation of technical elements so you aren’t overwhelmed with industry jargon. A tell-tale sign of a builder that truly cares is one that stays in contact even after the final home has been completed to make sure you and your family are settling in perfectly.

Open Communication Stream

Brownhill Homes provides weekly updates that outline both the current progress, as well as an estimation of the progress expected for the following week. It’s crucial you remain in the know when it comes to how your build is tracking.

Our team keeps in regular contact via phone, email and regular onsite meetings. If a certain type of communication is preferred, let us know. We believe in personalised service, and will tailor our approach to make building feel effortless for you.

Part of the Process

A communicative builder will remove or address any potential challenges and allow you to truly engage in the construction of your dream home. We want you to feel reassured and inspired at every stage.

Communication through regular update from site makes the progress on your home build exciting and accessible. Instead of simply waiting, our clients enjoy every opportunity to see the project moving forward.

Start a Conversation with Brownhill Homes

At Brownhill Homes, we believe that excellent communication is the foundation of a successful build. This belief allows us to consistently deliver an unforgettably seamless building journey. Speak to our team on the phone, email us, or use our online contact form to have a chat with our friendly team. We hope to talk soon about your dream home project!

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