The key design features of a timeless home

A timeless home is one that feels inviting, sophisticated and beautiful decades after it’s built. It’s a home that fits seamlessly with its surroundings and has a strong sense of place. Whether it’s the first, or one hundredth, time you’re walking through, no detail feels out of place or outdated. And it’s easier to achieve than you may think, so long as you take these key design features into consideration during your home’s planning stages.

Use trends as inspiration only

Whether you’re choosing the layout of your forever home, or sprucing it up with an interior revamp, use trends as a guide only. Trends, in their very nature, aren’t intended to be long-lasting. While they’re a great source for inspiration, it’s important to make decisions based on what works best for your space and how you intend to use it. That’s why we’d recommend prioritising functionality, durability and efficacy over purely aesthetic options. That way you can enjoy your home long into the future.

Consider open-plan living

Open floor plans enhance the flexibility and utility of your home. Not only do they increase the amount of natural light in each room, but they also provide a seamless transition from space to space. This allows you to harmonise rooms through textures and colours, resulting in a spacious, light and functional home that always feels fresh and timeless.

Utilise symmetry

Our eyes are always drawn to symmetry and balance, and achieving these two elements can provide a calming and timeless feel in your home. From the planning phase all the way to choosing your finishes, keep scale and proportion front of mind, and see how you can leverage these principles to add symmetry into your space.

Achieve a sense of space

A timeless home is one that fits seamlessly with its surroundings, so we’d recommend using nature as inspiration. Look to the soil, the sun and vegetation to inspire the materials, layout and colour palette of your home. This can be especially useful in selecting the tones and textures of your flooring and feature walls. Or ask one of our design team if you can utilise any natural surrounding features. Is there a healthy tree in your garden you can build around? Are there any local rocks you can use for a feature wall? The smallest harmony between your home and your surroundings can help you achieve a sense of timelessness and permanence for your home.

Committed to exceptional results

Here at Brownhill Homes, we’re passionate about creating timeless homes tailored to the families and communities within which they are built. We do this by pairing local knowledge with expert craftsmanship and settling for nothing less than exceptional.

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