Why Landscaping Should Be Part of Your New Home Build

You’ve planned for the perfect home design, thoughtfully considered the finishings, from the size of your laundry to the granite benchtops in the kitchen. However, one aspect you may not have considered is the outdoor landscaping of your new home.

Although you may be tempted to DIY or hire a professional way down the track, there are several benefits of engaging a builder with an in-house landscaper – a professional who will be involved in your build from the beginning.

But first, let’s define the difference between hardscaping and softscaping.


Soft landscaping involves the specific planting of flowers, trees and shrubs in either garden beds or pots. It is typically arranged after hardscaping elements are complete. Hardscaping is generally installed in the early stages of landscaping. Many hardscape elements, such as ponds, pools or decks, require a professional’s knowledge and experience for proper installation.

At Brownhill Homes, we recommend considering landscape design and, most importantly, hardscaping elements during the design phase of your new home, as well as building these factors into your construction timeline.

So, now that you know the difference between hardscaping and softscaping, here’s why you shouldn’t underestimate its importance in your new home build.


Sometimes, people assume they can either landscape their property themselves or worry about it later – after the house is built. But, unless you’re a professional yourself, landscaping without a licensed expert is risky. From the type of tree to the colour of plants, there’s a lot to consider. Some trees, for example, have strong roots that can damage the foundation of your new deck or pool. And if you plant a tree too close to your home, it can grow to block out natural light or inflict structural damage.

That’s why it’s always worth asking the experts about what the best route is for your new home build. Rather than take the risk and potentially pay for it later, work with a landscaper from the beginning to ensure you have your indoor and outdoor spaces covered.


So, you’ve decided that landscaping should be included in your new home build – what’s next? Engaging a builder who offers full site services.

When you choose a builder with an in-house landscaper, it means having one point of contact for the indoor and outdoor. No hidden financial costs or surprises down the road – just one team working hard on your new home. When everything is handled in-house, from the design and development phase, right through to the actualisation stage – there’s less chance for errors or delays caused by miscommunication or lack of coordination between contractors doing work for different companies at the same time.

And by being there from the beginning, your landscaper will know the ins and outs of your build and surrounding environment – they will know what’s best for your new home.

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At Brownhill Homes, we want to ensure your building journey runs as smoothly as possible. That’s why our services include an in-house landscaper who will bring any design to life. We understand the importance of creating a cohesive landscape design that reflects your family’s lifestyle while saving you time, money and potential stress.

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