How To Organise Your Home Build During Lockdown

The pandemic has caused many disruptions across Australia, even in the building trade. It may seem like a time where you have to put your dream home project on the backburner, but if you have the financial means to do so, it’s actually a great time to get your affairs in order and start planning your project. If you do this now, once restrictions are lifted, you’ll be ready to begin construction.

On the blog today, we’re explaining all the positives of getting your home project ready and organised under the current restrictions. 

1. You’ll save money

Some costs associated with residential construction have increased marginally due to the state of the Australian dollar, however, many building companies are currently offering incredible deals that won’t be on offer for long. 

As it’s a stagnant period right now, if you get in quick, you can lock in a price and save a significant sum of money. You’ll also be able to beat the construction rush that will occur once restrictions are lifted and life returns to a form of normality in 2021. 

2. You can focus on design 

While you’ve got plenty of downtime, why not start conceptualising and designing your home? At Brownhill Homes, we’re able to offer video consultations, where we can brainstorm ideas and talk about what exactly you need and want in a home. You’ll be able to spend a decent amount of time workshopping and finessing your design until it is perfect. 

If you settle on a design over the next few months, you’ll be ready to build once restrictions are relaxed. Capitalising on the opportunity to prepare and fine tune your plans will reduce the risk of things going wrong, and overall result in a timelier build that is exactly what you wanted!

3. You’ll be top of all paperwork and permits 

Paperwork and permits can take weeks, sometimes months to complete. While you’re at home, why not get on top of all the applications needed to build?  At Brownhill Homes, we can guide you through the process of obtaining appropriate permits through your local council, virtually of course.

4. You’ll help boost the economy 

With Australia in a recession, it’s important we try and do as much as we can to boost the economy. A residential construction involves hiring many different workers – from designers, to tradespeople, subcontractors, construction managers, apprentices and administrators. Choosing to build now, instead of in a few months’ time, could boost the economy and help provide jobs to local members of the community.

5. You can design your home to better suit the changing world 

Building a custom home or undertaking a home renovation now means you can better adapt to the changing world we’re living in. With many people now having to work and study from home, it’s the perfect time to invest in a quality home office or study space, in order to achieve a better work-life balance. A designated space will help you work or study more efficiently. 

You can also meet the changes facing the climate by building a sustainable and eco-friendly home outfitted with energy-saving solutions. Plus, organising your home building project now means you’ll have something to look forward to next year – moving into your brand new home.

Let’s take advantage of the time and sunshine to ensure that the end result of your build is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and taste. Get in touch with the team at Brownhill Homes for tips on how best to maximise your planning time!

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The beauty of life is that it’s constantly changing – and a home that worked for you a few years ago may no longer meet your family’s needs today.

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