The Brownhill Story – Building Locally for 25 Years

Brownhill Homes is a local building company with a long-standing reputation for high-quality custom homes across Melbourne’s east. For over 25 years, the family-owned and operated Brownhill Homes has been delivering beautiful designs with expert craftsmanship, the finest materials and an honest, approachable and tailored service.

Of course, establishing such an excellent reputation is hard work and it hasn’t always been easy. In this blog, we’re going to be stepping back in time, sharing a little more about Brownhill Homes, how we started and our proudest achievements to date. 

Keep reading to discover the Brownhill story.

Our Beginnings

A little over 25 years ago, builder Chris Brownhill noticed something was missing in the local area – an honest building company crafting high-quality homes that people were proud to live in. He dreamt of starting a company that would create beautiful functional family homes that would last a lifetime. And so, Brownhill Homes was born.

Initially Chris worked on his own, later employing his first team member, David, who remains a valued member of the Brownhill team to this day. The business grew slowly but surely, with Chris and David building their reputation through contract work and carpentry jobs for other contractors. 

Soon, word spread of their exceptional craftsmanship and expertise, and referrals were coming in by the truckload. Since then the business has grown exponentially – with the small team of two growing to more than 20 staff!

While the business growth is impressive, Chris’ proudest achievement is the sense of content he’s been able to bring to many locals:

“I love driving around the area and seeing the homes we’ve built. Sometimes, I see homes that we built over 20 years ago that have been given a fresh coat of paint or a new garden. 

“I often see past clients in the local area, and they’ll tell me about their homes. What led me to building was that sense of pride that you can build something to be proud of and make others happy by doing it,” says Chris. 

The Brownhill Difference 

There are so many builders in Melbourne, but we set ourselves apart by offering a number of unique services at Brownhill Homes. Our modern showroom allows clients to explore the range of design options available to them – we find this provides them with a comprehensive understanding of how their future home will look and feel. We also offer an easy-to-use online portal that allows clients to stay on top of paperwork and find updates on their project. 

To this day, Chris maintains a hands-on approach, recognising that it’s not about “churning through a large number of properties”, but creating bespoke custom homes that will exceed the expectations of his clients. Every member of the Brownhill Homes team is highly experienced and is able to overcome any challenge that comes their way. 

“You’re always going to have challenges and that’s something that keeps me enthusiastic about the industry. The challenges are just part of the process, and it’s exciting to come up with a range of different solutions – sometimes there’s not just one way to fix it,” says Chris. 

Our Projects 

We truly believe that our projects speak for themselves. One of our most exciting projects to date was a meticulously built three bedroom, two bathroom custom home in Sorrento. This home is a feat of modern design, with gorgeous high ceilings, polished timber floorboards, lavish bedrooms, easy access to the outdoors and an in-ground pool.

For Chris, the success of this project epitomises his love of the trade:

“I love building custom homes where you have a client who is fully invested in ensuring their home is exactly what they want,” says Chris.


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