Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2023

This year we’re seeing a resurgence of luxury and wellness in the home, as our spaces become a celebration of the self. Many of us are beginning to entertain again and welcome friends and family back into our thoughtfully designed homes. And 2023 is all about self expression and its imprint on our interior design choices.

At Brownhill Homes, we offer a bespoke, tailored service, identifying your unique needs and guiding you towards a home that fulfils them. Our custom designed house plans allow us to focus on your current and future needs and wants, using them as a basis to build your dream home design.

Want to know about the best design trends of the year? Keep reading to learn more.


Biophilic Design

One crucial finding of recent years is that nature has a profound impact on us physically and psychologically. And natural elements are becoming an integral part of our wellbeing at home and in the workplace. The biophilic design trend is about blurring the gap between nature and our man-made environments to create a harmonious relationship between our indoor and outdoor spaces.

As our lives tend to become more confined to the home, designers are making an effort to brighten up our homes, and bring the outside in. Labeled one of the biggest design trends of 2023, design experts can’t stop talking about its uplifting effect on our psyche.

After all, being surrounded by plants and foliage means we are less isolated and more immersed in the environment. Large picture windows and indoor courtyards are an ideal way to achieve this, providing garden glimpses from the kitchen, lounge room or bedroom. This year it’s all about embracing imperfection, native plants, biodiversity and raw landscapes, rather than manicured, picture-perfect ones.

And, you can also cultivate the calming effects of biophilic design by using organic patterns, textures and materials in your interior spaces.


Vintage revival

This latest trend is here to free us of the need to match our furniture and coordinate all the elements of our home! Colours, patterns, textures, styles, and time periods can all be brought together in a mismatched and eclectic way. New finds can be paired with older treasures, heirlooms and thrifted pieces. Mid-century inspired cabinetry can create an interesting contrast with the modern structural lines in your living space. A recycled stone surface might perfectly complement your modern fittings. The savvy interior designer is finding inspiration everywhere and isn’t afraid to experiment to obtain the best results!


Make it handmade

A shift is happening in the world of interior design towards conscious and considered elements. We can see this in the pivot to raw and natural materials such as marble, wood, and stone – used to provide a more natural feel in our bathrooms and kitchens – and we can also see it inform our taste in artisan objects and artwork: think clay, ceramics and other handcrafted art.

Breathe new life into your space with hand-crafted finishes and items that speak to you personally, and that are meaningful to you as an individual.

Brownhill Homes seeks to form a genuine relationship and to understand you and your vision for your home. Our tailor-made approach is driven by a desire to make your design and build journey one you will enjoy and deliver you a home you will love to live in.


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