2024 Style Forecast: The Top Interior Design Trends

Each new year brings fresh takes on the family home. 2021 brought us permanent home offices, 2022 brought us nature-filled spaces, and 2023 introduced fresh curves against sharp elements.  We’re only one month into the new year and already new interior design trends are emerging. So, what can we expect from 2024? In this blog article, we explore four interior trends inspiring new family homes in Melbourne and beyond.

1. Warm tones are replacing grey colour palettes

Not so long ago, shades of grey were the go-to for wall colours as they blended in with the family home and created a clean harmony with crisp white wall trimmings and ceilings. Such muted colour palettes created visual space for statement furniture pieces, from bright couches to timeless hardwood dining tables. But in 2024, we’re seeing warm, brown tones replacing the cool grey family favourites.

The ‘90s brown is making a comeback, and we’re seeing colour palettes featuring chocolate, terra cotta and peach tones. These warm tones aren’t only used for feature walls, but are finding their way in the textiles, tiles and natural timbers new homeowners are choosing.

2. A shift to mixed hardware

In recent times, matte black hardware monopolised bathroom and kitchen taps, handles for drawers, wardrobes and doors, and even light fittings. Powder-coated metal hardware added a sophisticated contrast to muted colour palettes and created a clean unity from room to room. While black is still preferred for some, we are seeing a shift in the hardware new homeowners are gravitating toward.

In 2024, it won’t be a surprise to see bronze, nickel, brass, or gold-plated hardware adorning new home interiors, or even a selection as opposed to one dominating style. This shift in hardware taps into the renaissance interior design inspiration that we’re seeing, and just like the shift to warm, brown colour palettes, these hardware alternatives play a part in adding warmth and brightness into each corner of the home.

3. Personalised spaces

When it comes to forever homes, we’ve always seen our clients take on a proactive approach to creating a space that mirrors their aesthetic and lifestyle choices, and 2024 will be no different. In fact, we’re expecting to see personalised spaces taken to the next level. From gallery-inspired art corners featuring bright, handcrafted paintings to wall-sized murals breathing life into foyers and stairwell hallways, all the way to coffee breaks and customised butler pantries perfectly curated down to the last spice rack holder. 2024 is the year of leaning into the things that bring us joy.

4. Wellness-inspired bathrooms

The bathroom has always been a place to refresh. We’ve seen elevated, clean bathroom designs often featuring pared back colour schemes, hidden storage and relaxing showers and baths. This year, we’re expecting to see more wellness inspired bathroom spaces.

Yes, we’ll see warm colour palettes seeping in, with peach tones and brass tapware taking new homes by storm; we’ll see moody lighting created by back-lit mirrors and integrated ceiling lights. But the greatest shift we’ll see is additional amenities like infrared saunas, steam showers, plunge pools and even wet rooms being embedded into the bathroom space. Now, a bathroom won’t just be a place to refresh, but to relax, destress and come home to ourselves.

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