Building Great Foundations With Your Builder

Whether you’re building your first home or your 3rd development, building can be as intimidating as ever. A strong relationship with your builder will make the process far less nerve-wrecking.

Building companies have processes in place to make sure your home is built to the highest quality whilst ensuring overall productivity. 

It’s important to recognise this and be patient while you’re building is working through your build. Remember your builder does this for a living, it’s not their first time – but it could be yours.

I always say there is no such thing as a silly question. So fire away! Question your builder to ensure you are both on the same page. We would rather you ask 100 questions and understand, than ask 1 and become frustrated.

So here’s a few points to build a great relationship with your builder:

1. Take notes!! – Write EVERYTHING down. It is important to make it clear up-front, not only will this be a great reference it will also save any unnecessary headaches, should they arise.

2. Study your contract – A written contract is vital if you are going to build a house, regardless of how much you are spending. It is a crucial document in settling any dispute with your building contractor. Essential requirements for home building contracts are set out in the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995. To find out more about Building Contracts:

3. Be considerate and open with your building consultant – Your builder will introduce you to a dedicated contact person, who is ready to deal with any questions or concerns. They are the porthole to your build. Don’t forget the key there are no silly questions, only the ones not asked. Communication is key.

4. Know what colours you want – “How simple” you say? Consider this….. Choosing your new home’s colour scheme can take serious time. Time is money. So complete all your research well before your Colour Consultation. At the end of the day you are the one choosing, so you best do your homework.

5. Little goes along way – Your site is our workplace, so don’t forgot to praise good work if warranted. We take pride in our work and it’s nice to feel appreciated. If issues do arise be open and give the attitude you’d expect in return, we all know that one person who yells and screams (it’s never nice to deal with).

6. Don’t be a nosy neighbour – Try to stay out of the way of contractors. It’s inconvenient, unsafe and nobody likes being watched on the job. We always advise at the start of the job, to book an appointment to go onsite ahead, that way we can ensure someone is there and able to show you around.

7. Builders can do wonders when it comes to building however we cannot change the weather – Yes, it is frustrating when torrential rain starts on the day your slab is scheduled to be poured. But the simple fact is all building must stop in extreme wind or rain. If inclement weather delays your build, understand that every effort will be made, to make up that lost time.

Always remember there is no silly question, only the questions not asked.


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