Is Knockdown Rebuild Right For Your Melbourne Home?

Are you situated in a Melbourne suburb that you love, but finding your existing home isn’t serving the needs of you and your household anymore? Or perhaps your home is tired and in desperate need of a makeover? While your mind might immediately go to a renovation or extension, there’s another, more cost-effective solution that […]

Are Your Windows Energy Efficient?

Did you know windows and doors are two of the most important factors when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home? According to experts, up to 49 per cent of heat loss occurs through windows and doors, while buildings gain 89 per cent of their heat through inefficient windows.   When talking about energy-efficient windows, […]

How To Organise Your Home Build During Lockdown

The pandemic has caused many disruptions across Australia, even in the building trade. It may seem like a time where you have to put your dream home project on the backburner, but if you have the financial means to do so, it’s actually a great time to get your affairs in order and start planning […]

The Brownhill Story – Building Locally for 25 Years

Brownhill Homes is a local building company with a long-standing reputation for high-quality custom homes across Melbourne’s east. For over 25 years, the family-owned and operated Brownhill Homes has been delivering beautiful designs with expert craftsmanship, the finest materials and an honest, approachable and tailored service. Of course, establishing such an excellent reputation is hard […]

6 Reasons to Choose a Local Custom Builder Over a Volume Builder

Building your dream home can be equally as confusing as it is exciting. The process is full of decisions that will have long-lasting effects on your new home. One of the larger choices is whether to engage a custom or volume builder. With a number of key differences in operations and approach, it can make a huge difference to […]

5 Trends to Watch in 2020

Looking to build or planning to start a renovation in 202? If so, its important to be aware of the budding trends to hit our shores for 2020. Building a home can be expensive, so its best to make sure you get it right the first time round, and that means compiling plenty of research […]

Preliminary Agreements

What is a Preliminary Agreement and why should I consider this for my next project? A preliminary agreement is often used to obtain early documentation such as soil report and foundation data, or to develop design, plans and specifications for the construction or renovation of a home. Sometimes the document is called a pre-construction contract, […]

Builders Estimate Vs Builders Quote

There are a few ways a builder can provide pricing, both can vary by thousands and determine who has spent more time scoping and costing your project. It can also vary dependant on the information you provide. Below we will look into the two most common pricing structures you will receive, why and which one […]

Building Our Home And Navigating Finance `

You asked, we answered. The first step to building a house is to find out how much you can afford to borrow – and to arrange for the necessary finance. If you’ve been through this before, you’ll know exactly how this works – if not, there’s a little more to it than just asking the bank for the […]

Unknown Costs When Building

You’re as excited as ever to start building your dream home, the banks have approved your finance and you’re ready to hit the ground running; the ball starts rolling and in come the “extras” you weren’t ready for. This blog should hopefully expose some of these costs you may not have factored into your build. I will be […]


The beauty of life is that it’s constantly changing – and a home that worked for you a few years ago may no longer meet your family’s needs today.

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